Animated Movies for the Rainy Days!


Rainy days and long weekends always reminds me of my childhood days! I believe I am the happiest whenever I get the news that there will be no classes for the day... and since it is an actual long weekend, and rainy days are far from over let me give you some suggestions on how to satisfy your movie cravings with a few of my favorite animated movies!

First up is Meet the Robinsons! I still have a vcd copy of this one! It has always been one of my favorite movies to watch for when I need inspiration to go about my daily responsibilities in life.

Its story goes around the past, present, and future life of an orphan named Lewis who is also an aspiring inventor. His goal was to make a machine that could help him remember his early memories possibly revealing the identity of his mother. On his journey to do so however, he starts meddling with his ties to the future and starts seeing that his actions in the present time has affected other people's lives, say his roommate Goob, that has lead into disastrous effects for his future self and unbelievably weird family.

I totally recommend this movie for anyone whose imagination can go way out of this world, and for those who are looking for a little laugh and at the same time a little nudge to keep moving forward!

Next, Chicken Little! This is actually the first animated movie I've seen in a movie house! I have been hinting on wanting to watch the movie every time the trailer goes on in Disney Channel, and then one day my Dad gave in and took us to the mall to watch! I even remember wearing a chicken little shirt to our school's Christmas party that same year!

It is kind of reminiscent of the boy who cried wolf story... except Chicken little cried the sky is falling! and actually proved that while the sky isn't actually falling, strange things were actually happening and he, with his tiny little body and daddy issues, ends up actually saving his town.
This next one is somewhat out of the current theme! Grave of the fireflies is actually one of those movies that you watch and end up crying yourself to sleep! My heart still aches for Seita and Setsuko, two children who were caught in the middle of war and had no choice but to fend for themselves. Seita's struggle to feed and look after Setsuko always makes me weak.. their story still holds true to this day.

Okay, so back to the happy thoughts! Aristocats have always been one of mine and my sister's favorite childhood movie! I think we've watched this movie a hundred times before and we are still very much willing to watch this again!

To be honest I didn't really understand the story of the movie that much till recently. All I knew was that the cats were cute and that there were a lot of dancing and singing. Now, the story actually goes this way... Duchess mother to three absolutely adorable kittens was set to inherit the fortune of her human (weird, I know!) now the butler upon hearing the news, decides that he wants to keep the fortune to himself and kidnaps or.. catnaps the cats; so Duchess and her family starts an adventure meeting other cats and ducks and all other animals in order to get back to their house.
Now if you've all already watched the movies I have enumerated above and the pouring rain outside doesn't bother you at all... then go head out to the nearest movie house and watch The Secret Life of Pets!

I remember sharing a trailer for this movie last year, and I have been waiting for it to come out in the cinemas for what seems like forever! The waiting didn't go in vain though, it was definitely one of the best films I've seen this year!

The movie is about Max and his adventures on waiting for his owner to come home from work, dealing with a new brother, and finding love on the sideline! I wouldn't want to spoil you so that's the only thing I will be saying right now!

The movie also starts with a short from our beloved Minions which will definitely get you to laugh your hearts out!

Happy watching! 

All images used are from giphy and weheartit

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