Love Desserts


 Warning! you might get sugar rush just by reading this post! Haha, or at least I still do. 

I think I have mentioned being able to visit Love Desserts some months ago, these photos have been sitting so long on my hard drive I almost forgot they even exist! Apologies for being such a procrastinator at blogging.

Any way, Love Desserts is a buffet place that offers all sorts of desserts, from Ice creams to Cakes to Milk teas, name it (i'm pretty sure) they have it! It is located at Pearl Drive Commercial Center, Commonwealth Ave. corner Pearl St. Fairview, Quezon City; although I think it has another branch somewhere in Banawe area. 

I have long wanted to try the place since hearing about it from my sister. Being the dessert loving person that I am. I was so excited when I came to know that they have opened a branch that is near our area, though I had to wait quite long to finally be able to visit the place!

We went there during my birthday week, it was a holiday and the place was packed so we had to wait for more than an hour to be seated. I'm not against them giving seats to customers with senior citizens first, but I think there is a need for them to devise a scheme to be able to accommodate visitors within a reasonable amount of time. If I remember it right, more than 5 sets of visitors were seated before us despite us arriving earlier-- take note that the place isn't that spacious and there's no time limit, so if a family of more than ten comes in.. who knows how long you'd have to wait for your turn?

On the bright side, they have a birthday promo, where you eat for free during and a day before and after your birthday, if you are accompanied by ONE.. yes ONE! paying customer. 

The price being 200 per head, on my opinion, is already a good deal, given the long list of choices you have. However, just like most buffets, the cakes tend to have the same taste and some of the pastries doesn't taste as good as they look.. Though I'm pretty sure you'll find one that will be able to satisfy your taste buds! So I still suggest trying it out!

Final Verdict: It's still a must try! I recommend those little Cheesecakes above and the Red Velvet Cupcakes!

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  1. God, this is a desserts lover's paradise! Too bad I'm not into sweets. The price isn't bad at all!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City